Are Nectar points better than Tesco’s points? (TESCO ClubCard Points Vs Nectar Points)

Different Loyalty programs in the United Kingdom are the major source of savings while shopping grocery and other household items.

In these Loyalty programs, two programs are prominent; the Nectar Loyalty program and the other one is the Tesco Clubcard program. Let’s see, which program (Between the two) is more beneficial for the people of the UK.

Differences between Nectar points and Clubcard Points

Here we are enlisting various differences between Nectar Points and Clubcard points one by one. Please read carefully and decide which one is best for you.

Tesco & Sainsbury

As we know that Tesco and Sainsbury are the two largest chains of supermarkets throughout the United Kingdom. Sainsbury’s partnership with Nectar provides the opportunity to win Nectar Points on shopping from Sainsbury.

On the other hand, you can get ClubCard points by buying items from Tesco. So, shop from Sainsbury and win Nectar points while shop from Tesco and win Clubcard points.

It is essential to note that collecting Nectar points from Tesco is impossible. On the flip side, there is no option to get Clubcard points from Sainsbury.

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How many points you can get from TESCO and Sainsbury

Now it is clear that points can be a win from Sainsbury and Tesco’s shopping. But the question is how many points can you acquire?

From Sainsbury’s shopping, you will get 1 Nectar point of £1 shopping. Similar is the case with Clubcard points. On the shopping of £1 from Tesco, a buyer will win 1 Clubcard point.

Worth of Clubcard and Nectar Points

Here the major difference lies. The worth of Clubcard point is double than the Nectar points. Yes, 200 Nectar points are equal to £1. On the other hand, 100 Clubcard points are equal to £1.

100 Tesco Clubcard points= £1

200 Nectar Points= £1

Bottom Line

After comparison, it is obvious that both the program are beneficial for the people of the United Kingdom. Therefore, avail both the opportunities and enjoy your shopping from Tesco and Sainsbury.

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