How to save money in the UK 2020

It is a universal truth that everyone wants to improve financial conditions, isn’t it? Every New Year starts with bundles of promises to improve financial position. Unfortunately, all the promises get faded over time. However, in 2020, saving money is a little bit easy task to do. Here, we are going to mention 5 tips on How to save money in the UK.

By applying these simple tricks in your life in 2020, no one can put hurdles to improve your financial condition. Let’s start;

5 Tips to save money in the UK in 2020

By Google, you will find hundreds of thousands of tips to save money, but the question is how much of these tips are actionable. Most of the tips, mentioned on different blogs, are not practical and you will have to sacrifice on your luxurious life. Nevertheless, here is the catch. All the following tips are actionable and you can save money without sacrificing your lifestyle.

Get benefits from loyalty programs

Citizens of the UK are lucky enough to get benefitted from different loyalty programs. Different loyalty programs offer different types of savings. If you don’t know about these loyalty programs in the UK click here.

We have dug up a different loyalty program for our readers. Please see the following list carefully and use all the programs to save some money in 2020.

  • Daily mail Rewards
  • Tesco Club Card
  • Boots Advantage Cards
  • Morrison Loyalty Cards
  • Waitrose Cards

By using all of these cards, you can save some money on your shopping.

Earn Extra and Save

It admits of no doubt that having earned some extra bucks can lead to save some extra money. Now you are thinking that you will have to put hard efforts to make some extra money that sucks your free time. But truth falls opposite to your thinking. You can enjoy your free time by earning some extra money.

There are numberless apps and websites which provide you an opportunity to earn some extra money. We have explored and enlisted various apps and websites which are beneficial and working.

  • Matched Betting
  • ohMyDosh
  • 20 Cogs
  • Focus Group
  • Part-time acting

Aside from the above-mentioned list of earning money, you can earn by teaching English. As we know that English is a universal language and people, especially from Asia, are crazy to learn English. So, you can teach English and earn a handsome amount in 2020.

Note your Expenses

Initially, it would be difficult to note nuts and bolts of your expenses but it can give bunches of benefits magically. By jotting down your expenses, you will come to know about trashy expenses. Without these trashy expenses, you can live a luxurious lifestyle.

So, just remove those expenditures from your life and save money. Hence, make a habit to write down whenever you spend your hard-earned money.

January- money saving month

Try to set a month in which you are supposed to spend less money as much as you can. It is up to you which month is good for you to save money. However, we always suggest that January is the month in which you can save money effectively.

The reason for choosing January as a money-saving month is that your goals and ambitions are high at the beginning of the year. And you can save money easily.

Evening shopping

Believe it or not, but it is an admitted fact that various supermarkets across the UK start to reduce prices on vegetables and different food items after 6:00 PM. Therefore, it is wise to buy vegetables and other food items after 6:00 PM to save some bucks.

Additionally, try to make a list of all those supermarkets which offer different deals and freebies in evening times and purchase your necessary items from there.

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