Nectar Points: Everything you need to know about it

In 2017, Daily Mail and Nectar announced a mutual program in which the readers of Daily Mail are supposed to take advantage. How readers can get benefitted from this program will be discussed in the next discussion.

How to get Nectar Points?

The regular readers of Daily Mail can get the maximum points under Daily Mail Rewards. On buying every copy of Daily Mail, they will get a unique number (Backside of the Newspaper) of 12 digits code.

By using this 12 digits code, they will be able to get these points.

How to Use Unique Number to get Points

Create your account on MyMail and enter the Unique Number in it. After entering the unique number, you will get Nectar Points.

 How much Nectar Points can be acquired for one Unique Number?

The total points of the unique numbers vary from situation to situation.

From Monday to Friday, one can get 5 Nectar points by entering the unique number.

For Saturday, One can get 10 points by entering the unique number

For Sunday Newspaper (The Mail), 15 points can be acquired.

If you enter 7 unique numbers throughout the week, you will get 30 Nectar Points as Bonus. So, a total of 80 Nectar points can be achieved in a week.

Worth of Nectar Points

Nectar Points can be used while shopping in different Online Stores, however, the net cash worth of Nectar points has been mentioned below;

200 Nectar Points= 1.0£

400 Nectar Points= 2.0£

If you are a regular user of Daily Mail, you can earn 4160 points in a year which is equal to 20£.

So, enjoy your reading with earning money.

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