Nectar Double Up 2020: Sainsbury’s most awaited event

Hye! Are you a regular reader of Daily Mail? Have you a pretty large collection of Nectar Points? If so, don’t waste your points before Nectar Double up event 2020.

Nectar double-up event is a buzzword in the UK. In this article, I will try to make the confusion clear about this event. Moreover, different advantages and disadvantages will be explored in the discussion. So, be with us. Aside from discussing the pros and cons of this event, several questions will be answered which have been asked through email. Let’s find out what this event is and how it can be beneficial for you?

What is Nectar Double up Event?

Initially, the Tesco Clubcard loyalty program looks better than Sainsbury’s  Loyalty program. The reason is obvious, Tesco Clubcard has more bonus points and the value of Tesco Clubcard points is better than Nectar points.

However, in recent years, Sainsbury has launched an event in which a nectar points holder can redeem the points at double. It happens once in a year and the points can be used at its double value. If you can manage to save nectar points for this event, it would be an excellent opportunity for you to spend these points.

Value of Nectar Points in General Days

Generally, the value of nectar points is not too high in general days. The following table of Nectar points will allow you to assess the value of the points.

1 Nectar Point= 0.5p

2 ———-  = 1p

500 ———-= £2.50

1000 ———-= £5

2000 ———-= £10

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Value of Nectar Point at Nectar Double Up Event

As the name shows that value of Nectar points doubles in the event days. So, see the following table and check the value of the points

1 Nectar Point = 1p

2 ———-= 2p

500 ———-= £5

1000 ———-= £10

2000 ———- = £20

How to get benefit from the Nectar Double Up event?

After announcing the Double-up event by Sainsbury, you will have to order for the voucher as soon as possible. Placing an order for the voucher is another trick, will be discussed later.

To avail the opportunity, you will have to be extra vigilant, thereby, you can avail maximum benefits.

Just save Nectar points throughout the year, get double-up voucher and use.

How to get Double up Vouchers?

Generally, Sainsbury doubles up event comes in November. So, try to order the vouchers fast, otherwise, you can miss the opportunity.

You can order a Nectar double-up voucher by using two means.

By logging in the Nectar Account, just place the order Nectar double-up voucher. But make sure that you have enough time to receive the voucher by post before ending the event.

The other way is quite simple and easy to get Double-up Voucher. You can get the voucher by using the Nectar app. I said this method is simple and easy for a reason. By using the Nectar app, you will get a digital voucher in your app. Digital voucher has various benefits if we compare it with paper vouchers. For example,

  • Losing the voucher is impossible with a digital voucher
  • Forgetting voucher at home while going to shopping
  • Dissipating the voucher is also not possible with digital voucher options.

Hence, we suggest you use the Nectar app for placing an order of double-up voucher in 2020.

Where can you spend a double up Voucher?

Spending this double-up voucher is an easy task. You can spend the voucher in-store shopping. Unfortunately, you can’t use this double voucher online.

Moreover, buying food items with this double up points is not allowed at all. However, you can use them at tons of other non-food items at the Sainsbury supermarket store.

There is a long list of items on which you can spend these nectar points at Sainsbury store like; toys, gifts, skincare items, and perfumes.

Ways to boost Nectar points

To get all the perk from Nectar Points at the event, it is essential to collect maximum nectar points in a year. By using the following means, you can collect maximum Nectar points and get benefitted during the double-up event 2020.

  • Daily Mail Rewards: By reading Daily Mail Rewards, you have a chance to earn 80 points in a week.
  • Sainsbury Shopping: On the shopping of £1 at Sainsbury supermarket, you can earn 1 Nectar point. So, don’t miss the opportunity while shopping at Sainsbury.
  • Argos: Argos is another partner of Sainsbury’s loyalty program. Like Sainsbury, you can earn the points from Argos too.
  • Oxfam Charity: By donating your unwanted items to Oxfam Charity, you can earn the points too.
  • Eurostar: Eurostar is another point, where points can be collected.

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Aside from the above-mentioned methods to collect Nectar points, you can earn from Expedia, Esso, Vue, Virgin, and eBay. So, don’t miss any opportunity to get the Points from the aforementioned places.

When is Sainsbury’s Nectar Double up 2020?

Generally, Sainsbury doesn’t announce the event too early. However, by seeing the dates of the previous events in the past, it can be assumed that the Nectar Double up event 2020 will be in November.

In 2019, and 2018, the events occurred in November before Christmas. So, there are chances of the event in November. Yet, Sainsbury has not released the dates of double up event.

Disadvantages of Nectar Double up Event

Although Sainsbury double up event is beneficial, yet it has several disadvantages too like;

  • You can spend the double up vouchers online
  • In-store shopping is the only way to spend the points
  • You can’t spend the double up points other than Sainsbury supermarket.
  • Buying food items with these points is not possible
  • You will have to be extra vigilant to use this offer, and chances to miss the offer are high.
  • Even some non-food items are out of stock at this specific event.

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