Mail Rewards Promotions (June 2020)

To provide the maximum benefits to the readers of DailyMail, different promotions have been announced recently. By using these offers, you can get plenty of Nectar points to spend on. Moreover, there are different advantages of these mail Rewards promotions also. Let’s have a look at different offers one by one

1- Golden Unique Number

Golden Unique Number Mail Reward Promotion

The last week of Golden Unique Number Daily Mail Rewards Promotion is going on. You can also be the lucky one to win Nectar points of £1,000 by using this daily mail unique numbers reward offers. So, what are you waiting for just follow the below-mentioned steps and participate in the list of lucky persons?

The deal is valid up to 24-June-2020

Steps to get benefitted with Daily Mail Rewards

i- If you haven’t signed up for MyMail Account yet, first go and sign-up

ii- 2nd step is quite simple If you have read DailyMail Newspaper of Saturday (June 20, 2020). Please check the unique number on the back page of the newspaper.

iii- By finding the unique number, just enter the unique number of Saturday newspaper into your MyMail account

iv- Congratulation, you’ve participated in the Golden Unique Number Promotion

The winner’s name will be announced by a lucky draw.

2- A Deal with British Gas


Energy Saving Deal collaborates with British Gas and Daily Mail. You could save up to £461 annually by using this promotion.

Note: This promotion has a time period from June 20, 2020, to July 8, 2020

How you can avail of the promotion?

1- The first step is to join the MyMail Account by signing up if you haven’t signed up MyMail yet.

2- If you’re a regular reader of Daily Mail, Enter a unique number of any daily mail newspaper of June 20, 2020, to July 8, 2020.

3- On Jul 8, 2020, you can redeem the points

4- After all the process, you’ll be gone through the British Gas website where you can find your energy deal

3- Dahlia Plug Plants Offer


If gardening and planting is your hobby, then this offer will be a Plus point for Daily Mail Readers. Dahlia Plug Plants cost almost £14.99 but by using this offer of Daily Mail you can avail it free. You just need to pay almost £6.99 for home delivery and packaging.

So, make your patio, garden, and lawn beautiful with Dahlia Plug Plants with no cost at all.

Offer is Valid: From June 17, 2020, to June 23, 2020

How to Avail the offer

i- Have you signed up for MyMail Account? If no, first sign up for that

ii- Having signed up for MyMail account, enter your Unique Number of any Daily Mail Newspaper from 17 June to June 23, 2020

Note: You can find the unique number from the back page of Daily Mail newspaper

iii- By clicking the button on Redeem on June 27, 2020, you can avail of the offer.

4- Great concession on Mojoberry plant


Hey! Here is another great is waiting for. Enjoy your summers with Mojoberry fruit plant by reading the Daily Mail.

According to the daily mail new offer, you can get Mojoberry plant at its half-priced. Originally, this fruit plant’s price is £29.99 but with this exclusive offer of the daily mail, you can get this plant just in £14.99.

So, make your garden beautiful with this amazing plant and enjoy summers. Let’s see how you can avail of this offer. But before that let me tell you about the last date of this amazing offer of the daily mail.

Offer Date

From June 23, 2020, to June 29, 2020, you can avail the offer

How to avail of the offer?

i- Like any other offer, you’ll have to sign up for the MyMail account.

ii- Now enter the unique number of daily mail (back page) dated June 23 to June 29. Yes, enter any unique number of above-mentioned date’s newspaper.

iii- Redeem the offer on July 3, 2020

5- Concession on 25% Trimmer


Gardening is a healthy activity. To make the gardening tasks easy, a trimmer plays a vital role. You can trim gross and back the shape of your garden with the help of trimmer. Under this mail reward promotions; you’ll get 25% off. The price of trimmer is £99.99 in normal days, however, you’ll get it in £74.99.

Date: From June 24, 2020, to June 30, 2020

How to Avail the offer?

i- Sign up for MyMail Account

ii- Enter the unique number of Daily Mail Newspaper dated from June 24 to 30

iii- On July 4, 2020, click on redeem and avail the offer.

6- 60% off on Metal ladybirds


Hey! Adorn your garden with the help of Metal Garden Ladybird in a less expensive way. By reading Daily Mail newspaper, you can get 60% off on metal garden ladybird. By getting 60% off, the price of 3 metal ladybirds is £14.99.

Valid Date:  From June 25, 2020, to July 5, 2020

How to avail the offer?

  • Sing up for MyMail Account
  • Enter a unique number of daily mail newspapers dated from June 25 to July 1.
  • Click on redeem July 5, 2020.


These are the latest offer that can be availed right now June 22, 2020. For more updates keep visiting the blog and stay updated. Thank you, stay blessed and enjoy the Daily Mail Rewards Promotions

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