Top 05 Ways to Collect Nectar Points

Collecting Nectar Points is not a problem at all. Here, we are going to tell you the 5 amazing ways through which you can collect Nectar Points. You will have to connect your Nectar Card and get Nectar Points.
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There are plenty of ways to acquire Nectar Points, however, we are writing only 05 methods through which you can get these rewards Points and can be used at different places.

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Best Ways to Earn Nectar Points

Read the following ways carefully, get Nectar Points and enjoy your treat.
Note: But before knowing about the ways to earn Nectar Point, please make sure that you have all Nectar Account and Nectar Card. If you don’t have Nectar Account, please go to the website and get registered yourself.

Daily Mail Rewards

Like many other loyalty programs, Daily Mail Rewards is also here to help out the people of the UK. The Daily Mail Rewards program is beneficial for those who are the regular reader of the Newspaper. If you are also the regular user of Daily Mail Newspaper, you will be benefitted amazingly. How?
On each copy of the Newspaper, you will get 5 Nectar Points (From Monday to Friday). Moreover, for the Saturday daily mail’s copy, you will get 10 Rewards Points. Not ends yet. On Sunday, you will get 15 Nectar points.
Interestingly, if you are buying the 7 copies of Daily Mail in a week, you will get 30 Nectar Points in Bonus. So, in a week you can get 80 points in a week by enjoying your Daily Mail readings.

5 Nectar Points= DailyMail from Monday to Friday
10 Nectar Points= Dailymail of Saturday
15 Nectar Points= DailyMail of Sunday
30 Bonus Nectar points for regular users of Daily Mail


Sainsbury is one of the biggest shopping stores in the United Kingdom. On the shopping of £1, you will get one Nectar point free. But don’t forget to connect your Nectar card with Sainsbury. So, shop from Sainsbury and enjoy the free points.


Sainsbury is the partner of the Nectar Loyalty program. However, getting points from Argos is something strange, isn’t it? Yes, similar to Sainsbury, shopping of £1 can give you to get 1 point for free. So, enjoy your shopping with Argos and earn free Nectar Points.

Earn Points from Charity

For free Nectar points, it isn’t necessary to buy something from stores like Sainsbury, Argos. If you are feeling like donating your clothes or something else, you can earn Nectar points on this also.
Giving your unwanted items to Oxfam for charity, you will earn points on the sale of those items.

Bonus Points

Give regular visits to the Nectar website. Often, Bonus points are announced on the website of Nectar. So, you can also claim the points, if you visit the website regularly.

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  1. The easiest way to spend your points is to get money off your Sainsbury s shop, but it s not usually the best way to get a good deal. Points are generally worth half a penny each, which means you d need 200 to get ?1 off the weekly shop.


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