Best Loyalty Cards 2020

If you are thinking that Loyalty cards are just a waste of time, you might need to do rigorous research. There are different best loyalty cards in 2020 which can be beneficial for the people of the United Kingdom. Moreover, it admits of no doubt that some of the loyalty programs are just a waste of your time.

So, if you are really a wise shopper, it is your duty to know about the best loyalty programs. Hence, be with us because we are going to tell you the 5 best Loyalty Rewards and Cards in 2020 that will definitely help you saving money at the end of the month.

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According to a study, different Loyalty Programs have been used by 3 British adults out of 4.

Top 05 Best Loyalty Cards 2020

Having done vigilant research on a loyalty program, we have compiled a list of loyalty cards which can provide amazing benefits while shopping at different supermarkets in the UK. Let’s start;

Sainsbury Nectar Card

All you people know about the largest chain of supermarkets called Sainsbury. On the other hand, Nectar is one of the oldest Loyalty programs in the UK. So, with the collaboration of Nectar, the Sainsbury Nectar loyalty card is an option to save money.

On the shopping of £1, a shopper has an opportunity to earn 1 Nectar point. To get different bonuses, visit the Nectar website regularly.

Having 200 Nectar points simply means £1. So, if you have 200 Nectar points in your collection, you can save your £1.

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Aside from earning Nectar Points from Sainsbury’s shopping, you can earn Nectar Points by just reading Daily Mail Newspaper.

On each copy of Daily Mail, you will get a unique number on the backside of the newspaper. By entering that unique number to your MyMail account you will 5 Nectar Points. For more details click on Daily Mail Rewards.

Tesco Clubcard

Similar to the Sainsbury Nectar card, Tesco ClubCard is another loyalty program for people of the United Kingdom. By shopping for 1 pound, one can win 1 Tesco Clubcard point. Interestingly, the worth of Tesco points is double than the worth of Nectar Points.

Yes, 1 Clubcard point is equal to 1p. On the flip side, 1 Nectar point is equal to 0.5p.

Do you know?

Tesco Clubcard scheme has been providing benefits to the people since 1995.

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Boots Advantage Card

It won’t be wrong to say that the Boots Advantage Card will be one of the most generous loyalty schemes in the United Kingdom. How? Let me explain.

By doing shopping of 1 pound on Boots, a shopper will win 4 points. And the most alluring factor this scheme is that each point worth 1p. It means spending £25, you can save £1.

If we compare this scheme with the above-mentioned schemes, we will come to know that by spending £100 at Tesco we will save £1. But by spending £100 on boots, we can save £4. That’s why it is called the most generous scheme, isn’t it?

Morrison Loyalty Card

The beautiful thing about this program is that it gives the maximum points on the shopping of 1 pound. Yes, you will win 5 points on the shopping of £1.

On the other hand, the worth of each point earned by Morrison Loyalty Card is just 1p. It means you will have to earn 1000 points to save 1 pound.

Waitrose Loyalty Card

Waitrose Loyalty program is something unique in its nature. There is no need to collect points under the Waitrose Loyalty scheme. Furthermore, you need not redeem the points also.

Instead of collecting points, you can get different freebies on grocery shopping.

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