What are Daily Mail Rewards (Learn about MyMail, Nectar Points and Unique Numbers)

Are you excited to know about what exactly the DAILY Mail Rewards program is? If so, you will get all the answers to your questions and earn handsome rewards.

Similar to the above question, the following questions may bother you while thinking about this Daily Mail program.

What the Nectar pts are. How can you earn maximum points in a week? If you want to know the answers to all these questions, stay tuned with us. We will answer each question here. Moreover, we will throw light on the benefits of this program.

Daily Mail Rewards

So, read the article carefully, thereby, you may know the tips to earn rewards from the program of Daily Mail. Let’s start without wasting time and get you dived in the sea of rewards and Gifts.

When the Daily Mail Rewards Program has been started?

Back in 2017, the Daily Mail Newspaper showed its partnership with Nectar. It was decided that Daily Mail’s reader would get benefitted from rewards under this amazing partnership.

Note: Nectar is the largest Loyalty program having almost 20 million members.

Let’s discuss, how this program works and deliver rewards.

Wondering how Daily Mail Rewards and offers work? Before answering the question, “How it works”, I want to answer several other questions which should be noted in the following discussion.

What is the MyMail club?

MyMail is a website in which Daily Mail’s reader can enter unique digits. Having entered the unique digits, the reader can earn the points. But Stop, Stop…

Before getting you confused with the terms like Nectar pts and unique digits, let me inform you how you can create MyMail account.

How to Create a MyMail Account?

If you want to get benefitted with this amazing offer of Daily Mail partnered with Nectar, you will have to create an account on MyMail, Actually, there is no confusion or fuss in creating the account. However, for some users, it is quite essential to guide them step by step. Therefore, keep a bird’s eye view on this section of the article.


Just click on “Join MyMail

Step 1 for creating MyMail Account


Step two, by entering your email click on Continue.

Step 2 to Create MyMail Account


Step3 is quite a simple one and you will have to add simple information. First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Email address, and Password.

Congratulations, you have created a MyMail account. The Next step is more than simple. You just connect your Nectar Card with MyMail account. Now, you are able to claim your reward. Let’s jump towards other confusing questions.

What Are Daily Mail Unique Numbers 2020?

So, are you wondering what the unique numbers are? How you can find the unique number. And how these Unique Digits can be beneficial for you. Let’s try to tackle the answers to these questions.

So, the first question is “What are Unique Digits?”

The unique number is the 12 digits code.

How you can find these Unique Numbers?

At the backside of Daily Mail Newspaper, you will find 12 digits (unique). It is not difficult to find these numbers. These numbers can be seen clearly in the back portion of the newspaper.

How these Unique Numbers can be beneficial for you?

If you have created your MyMail account and connect with Nectar Card, these numbers can be beneficial for you.  Having found these numbers on the backside of the newspaper, just enter these numbers on MyMail account. You will get the points.

Wondering about Nectar Points?

Will be discussed below, let me finish Unique Number first.

Having Issue with Unique Numbers?

Sometimes it happens to get a copy of the newspaper with missing Unique Number. The reasons for missing unique numbers might be different. For example, wet hands or the ripped newspaper can be the main culprit of missing unique numbers. But you need not worry about that. We will guide you thoroughly.

If you are also unable to find the unique numbers on the Daily Mail newspaper, just follow these steps and get your points.

Just login to your MyMail account and go to the option “Missing Unique Numbers?”.

Having selected the date of the Newspaper on which you are unable to find the Unique digits.

Answer the question that is being asked to you on MyMail account and get your points.

Have some other problems?

If you have some other problems with these digits just go to the “Need Help” section and report your problem there. You will be answered as soon as possible.

What Are Daily Mail Nectar Points?

These points are the most important factor in Daily Mail Rewards Program. You can earn these Pts by entering your unique numbers into your MyMail account.

Value of the Points in £:

These points are worth a lot. If you have 200Pts, it simply means you have £1.00. So, over the completion of the year, you will be able to get £20, if you have 4160 Nectar Points.

How do you Get Nectar Free Point with MyMail Rewards?

By following the below-mentioned simple steps, you can earn Nectar Point without facing any hurdle in the process.

Just get the copy of Daily Mail newspaper

Find Unique Numbers on the backside of the newspaper

Enter these Unique Digits in your Account

Congratzz! You have earned these by following the above-mentioned method.

How Many Nectar Points can I Earn with MyMail Rewards?

It is quite easy to understand how many points can be earned and it varies from person to person. However, if you are a regular reader of Daily Mail newspaper, Congratulations! You can earn a maximum of 80pts in a week. How? Let me explain

Every single day, you can earn almost 5 Nectar pts by putting 12 unique digits. Yes, from Monday to Friday, Daily Mail Newspaper can give you 5pts. So, in 5 days (from Monday to Friday), a regular user can earn 25 Points.

Daily Mail Newspaper on Saturday has a surprise for its daily readers. Yes, the unique number of newspapers on Saturday will give you 10pts.

Likewise, Sunday Newspaper (The Mail) will surprise you by giving 15 Points. So, a regular reader of Daily Mail can earn 50 Nectar points in the week, but it’s not the end. If you enter the unique numbers in 7 days of the week, you will earn bonus points and it will be 30 Nectar Pts.

So, in a week, you can earn a maximum of 80 Pts.

From Monday to Friday: 5  Points each day

For Saturday: 10 Pts

For Sunday: 15 Nectar Pts

Bonus Points: 30 Nectar pts for regular readers of Daily Mail Newspaper

What can you do with these Points?

Having more Points means getting more exclusive offers. You can use these points while shopping online in different online stores.

Moreover, there are a lot of other options to use these Nectar Points. So, you can save your money by using these Points.

Benefits of Daily Mail Rewards

So, have you collected enough points in the MyMail account? As we know that we can earn a maximum of 80 pts in a week and 320+ in a month. If you enter Unique Digits daily for a year, Imagine, you will have a handsome amount of Nectar Points which can be used in different competitions.

So, never forget to enter your 12 digit code (available on the backside of the newspaper).

As all, we know that the Daily Mail Newspaper has different exclusive offers on its different pages. So, one can use these points in these exclusive offers. Besides these exclusive offers on Daily Mail Newspaper, you can also use different online stores, Sainsbury’s.

Moreover, if you want to watch a movie at the Cinema, just go to the Vue Cinema and use your Nectar Points.

Aside from all these above-mentioned places, go to the Nectar website and spend your tips these at breathtaking things. You can spend on Holidays and Hotels on the Nectar Website. So, what are you waiting for? Just go to MyMail, create an account. Connect your Nectar card with it and get benefitted with Daily Mail Rewards offers.

Is the Daily Mail Reward Program Valuable?

In one word, I will answer this question, “YES”

Yes, it is valuable for people. You need not put hard efforts to earn the points. Actually, these are simple and easy steps.

1- Just create a MyMail account

2- Connect the account with Nectar Card

3- Enter the 12 digits code on a daily basis

That’s it. All these steps neither demand hard efforts not long hours to accomplish. You just spend 2 to 3 minutes on a daily basis and will earn points.

What Precautions should you go for?

Before getting this opportunity, you must know the following precautions, so that, you would be benefitted effectively.

1- Log in on a daily basis and enter 12 digits code daily

2- You have 3 days to enter the code after buying the newspaper

3- Unique digit can be used once

4- Used Unique numbers cannot be submitted again, therefore, be careful about Unique Numbers

Mail Rewards Promotions 2020

Daily Mail Newspaper use to announce different promotions and offers on different occasions. These offers and promotions can give benefits from £1 to millions. Therefore, if you’re a regular reader of DailyMail newspaper, first make an account on MyMail and then avail all the offers and earn Nectar Points to save your hard-earned money. In this section of the article, we’ll try to explain the latest offers and promotions presented my Mail Rewards. Let’s analyze one by one and take part in each mail rewards promotions.

If you need to read the details, please click on the Mail Rewards Promotions 2020

1- Golden Unique Number

Hey! Do you know? You can be a winner of this offer and you can win £1,000 by using this promotion.

If you’re willing to do so please don’t be late. The offer is valid till June 24, 2020.

You just need to enter your Saturday Daily Mail Newspaper Unique Number into your MyMail account and you’ll be enlisted into the competition. The winner’s name will be announced by lucky draw. So, don’t be late and avail of the offer, maybe you’re the winner.

2- Dahlia Plug Plants Offer

Do you want to decorate your Patio, Garden, and lawn with attractive Dahlia Plants? If so, avail the offer as soon as possible. The offer is ending in the next few days. Dahlia Plug Plants’ offer is valid up to June 23, 2020.

By using this deal, you can get Dahlia Plug plants worth £14.99 at your doorstep. But wait a minute, you’ll have to pay £6.99 for home delivery and packaging. If you’re a Daily Mail newspaper from date June 17 to June 23, 2020, enter the unique number of any newspaper of the above-mentioned date in your MyMail account.

3- Energy Saving Deal

The deal is valid up to July 8, 2020. You can save up to £461 annually by using this promotion. Enter any unique number of Daily Mail newspaper from June 20, 2020, to July 8, 2020, and get benefitted from this promotion. On switching, you’ll £10 M&S voucher also.

4- Great concession on Mojoberry plant

Another great news for the gardeners and patio lovers. You can adore your garden with the help of the Mojoberry fruit plant. The original price of the Mojoberry plant is £29.99 but under this offer, you can get this plant in £14.99. So, what are you waiting for? It’s a flat 50% half offer for the readers of Daily Mail.

The offer is valid from June 23, 2020, to June 29, 2020

Just enter your unique number of Daily Mail Newspaper of above-mentioned dates and redeem the reward on July 3, 2020  

5- Trimmer 25% Off Promotions

Under this mail reward promotions, you can get a trimmer for your garden on 25% off. If you want to buy a trimmer on normal days, it’ll cost £99.99. Nevertheless, with this offer of the Daily Mail Newspaper, you can get 25% off and the price will be £74.99 under this offer.

The offer is valid from June 24, 2020, to June 30, 2020.

You can redeem the offer on July 4, 2020.

So, what are you waiting for? This will be an amazing offer for the gardener.

6- 60% off on Metal Garden Ladybirds

Do you want to make your garden extra eye-catching? If so, why you do not use these amazing metal garden ladybirds that can be mounted on walls as well. The three metal garden birds cost £39.99 normally. However, with this offer, you’ll get 60% off and the price will be only £14.99. So, avail the offer and make your garden more beautiful.

The offer is valid from June 25, 2020, to June 30, 2020.

You can redeem the offer on July 5, 2020.


Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQ)

IF you have any query related to the program, please check the following questions and find the answer.

Where can I spend Nectar Points?

If you have earned Nectar points, Congratulations!!!, It’s time for a treat. You can spend these points at different places. Here we are enlisting the top 09 places where you can use these pts and can buy any available items easily.

  • Sainsbury (One of the biggest stores for Shopping in the UK)
  • Argos (Another shopping store)
  • eBay (We think everybody knows eBay, therefore, no need to introduce it)
  • Sky Store (If you are a Movie Freak, you definitely know about Sky Store)
  • Vue (Another great place for Movie Lovers)
  • London North Eastern Railway LNER (Great opportunity for travelers)
  • Dulux Decorator Center
  • Vikings
  • Brakes

We hope, the above-mentioned list for spending Nectar Points will fascinate you to use and earn Nectar Pts. So, be a regular reader of Daily Mail and earn points as much as you can.

For more information about Spending Nectar pts, click here.

Is Daily Mail the only way to earn Nectar Pts?

The answer to this question is “Big No”. You can earn Nectar Pts from various other places. Let’s have a bird’s eye view on all the opportunities where you can earn these points.

  • Daily Mail Rewards (One of the best opportunity to earn points)
  • Sainsbury
  • Argo
  • Oxfam

For more details about ways to earn Nectar pts please click here.

How do I Redeem my Mail Points?

Redemption of Nectar Points is quite an easy task to do. You just have to Sign in the MyMail account. By signing in the MyMail account, just click on the Redeem now option and follow the instructions accordingly.

Note: Some offers demand a certain number of Nectar Pts, afterward you can redeem the points. One more factor to consider is that you must connect your Nectar card with the MyMail Account. So that you can enjoy your rewards without getting any technical issues.

If you are facing issues in redemption, please contact the support team.

Cannot Get Mail Rewards?

You’ll have to make a MyMail Account before getting any rewards. Without signing up MyMail Account, you cannot get Mail Rewards.
Signing up for MyMail Account is just a breeze. Just go to MyMail.co.uk click on the signup button and start entering the unique number getting from the back page of daily mail newspaper.

Note: We have mentioned all the procedures of Signing up for MyMail account in the above discussion if you don’t read that. please read first and sign up.

Over time, daily mail announces different daily mail unique number rewards offers, so, avail all these offers and increase your chances to get rich overnight.

Entering a unique number into MyMail account is also a kid-play and you can do it easily.  By entering the numbers, you can redeem the Nectar points anytime. So, enjoy your savings and become rich. (Smile)

Do Nectar points expire?

Generally, these points have not expired until and unless the Nectar Card is closed by Nectar. So, you can use pts any time and there is no expiry of Rewards Pts. However, if you have acquired the points by a Voucher, there are chances of expiry of the Points on the expiry date of the Voucher.

What does 1000 Nectar pts equate to?

As we have mentioned earlier that 1 Nectar pt is equal to 0.5p. According to this, 200 Nectar points are equal to £1. Therefore, according to the above calculations, 1000 Nectar pts are £5.

1 Nectar Point= 0.5p

200 pts= £1

500 pts = £2.5

1000 pts = £5

2500 pts = £12.5


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